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Refund FAQ

Q1: I bought my tickets with a credit card. Will the ticket amount automatically be refunded to my credit card?

A1: If you purchased your tickets by credit card through URBTIX, during the Advance Booking or VIP Booking period, or for “No Limits” project, the ticket amount cannot be refunded automatically to your credit card due to administrative constraints. Please complete the Refund Form on go.hkaf.org/rf1

If you purchased your tickets through HK Ticketing, Ticketflap, West Kowloon Cultural District or POPTicket, you do not need to make a refund application. The ticket amount will be refunded automatically to your credit card.

Q2: I paid for my ticket(s) in cash at the box office. Can I get a cash refund at the box office?

A2: If you paid for your tickets in cash through URBTIX, a refund application is required.

If you paid for tickets in cash through HK Ticketing, you can apply for a full refund of the ticket cost through the ticket seller. The arrangements will be announced on the HK Ticketing website soon.

If you paid for your tickets in cash through West Kowloon Cultural District, please visit the Ticketing Office at Xiqu Centre, West Kowloon Cultural District between 24 February 2020 and 30 April 2020 for a cash refund.

Q3: I’ve ordered my tickets, but haven’t yet picked them up from URBTIX. Do I have to print the tickets at URBTIX before I can apply for a refund?

A3: Please send your purchase confirmation email from URBTIX and the completed Refund Form to enquiry@hkaf.org for us to settle your refund application. Alternatively, you may submit through the online form by uploading a photo of your purchase confirmation email from URBTIX.

Q4: What is the most convenient way to submit my refund application?

A4: You may visit the Online Refund Form at https://rf.artsfestival.org/. In the process, you will be required to upload a photo of your ticket(s).

The Online Refund Form is only applicable for tickets issued by URBTIX or booked during the Advance or VIP Booking periods. It is not applicable for PLUS events and tickets issued from HK Ticketing or West Kowloon Cultural District.

For other refund methods, please visit https://go.hkaf.org/rfa

Q5: Apart from the Online Refund Form, what other methods are available to apply for a refund?

A5: Please download and complete the Refund Form at https://go.hkaf.org/rf1, and submit via email to enquiry@hkaf.org with a scanned copy of your tickets. Alternatively, you may submit the application by post to Ticketing Department, Hong Kong Arts Festival Society Ltd., Room 1205, 12/F, 2 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong, with the original tickets enclosed.

Q6: Can I visit your office to submit the refund tickets?

A6: Given the latest status of the coronavirus outbreak, and to help reduce the risk of spreading infection through social contact, delivery by hand to the Hong Kong Arts Festival office will not be available until further notice.

Q7: I have ordered tickets for the Hong Kong Sinfonietta and/or Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra concerts taking part in the 48th HKAF. Do I submit the refund requests to the Hong Kong Arts Festival?

A7: For Hong Kong Sinfonietta – Great Piano Concertos: Pavel Kolesnikov Plays Chopin and Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra – Music About China, refunds will be processed by the Hong Kong Sinfonietta and Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, respectively. Please download the Special Refund Forms at https://go.hkaf.org/rf1, and submit the completed form with all tickets according to the instructions in the forms.

Please note that the Hong Kong Sinfonietta’s refund form submission deadline is 9 March 2020.

Q8: I have difficulty printing out a refund form and/or submitting my refund application online. How do I get a physical copy of the refund form?

A8: Please contact enquiry@hkaf.org and we will arrange to deliver a Refund Form to you by post.

Q9: When is the deadline for refund applications?

A9: Please submit the refund application on or before 30 April 2020.

Q10: When will I receive my refund?

A10: Upon receipt of the complete and accurate refund information and a photocopy of the ticket(s), the ticket amount will be refunded to you on or before 30 June 2020.

Q11: Will postage fee, handling fee and credit card service charge included in the ticket booking be refunded too?

A11: Only the face value of the ticket will be refunded. All handling charges collected by URBTIX, HK Ticketing and other entrusted ticketing agencies, as well as any ticket delivery charges, are non-refundable.

Q12: If I’ve lost my tickets, can I still get a refund?

A12: Please contact our Ticketing Department at enquiry@hkaf.org.

Q13: The credit card I used to order tickets is now expired. What should I do?

A13: Please contact our Ticketing Department at enquiry@hkaf.org.

Q14: I have ordered tickets for a PLUS event. What should I do?

A14: The ticket cost will be refunded to the credit card that was used for payment on or before 30 June 2020.
Refund will be processed automatically; you are not required to fill in a refund form.

Q15: I am a member of the Young Friends of HKAF Society. What should I do?

A15 The arrangement for YFS membership will be announced by email.

Q16: I wish to donate part of the refund to the HKAF. What do I need to do?

A16: Thank you for your support in helping the Festival to recover from these cancellations. Ticket holders can choose to donate by selecting the donation option in the Refund Form and specifying the donation amount.

Q17: My bank account is overseas. Will the refund sum cover the telegraphic transfer (TT) fees?

A17: We will refund the ticket amount via TT. You do not need to pay for the handling charge of TT.

Q18: Can I receive the refund by cheque?

A18: Due to the large volume of refund requests, we can only provide refund by bank transfer. Thank you for your understanding.

Q19: Are there any performances that will be rescheduled? Should I keep my tickets?

A19: We are working to reschedule a portion of the performances to be presented at a later date, but there is no guarantee that any specific performance will be rescheduled. Please submit your refund application for all tickets at this stage.

Q20: Can I be notified if a performance is to be rescheduled?

A20: You can click the appropriate checkbox on the Refund Form to receive future updates.

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